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What if the check design on screen does not match my previous order?

It is possible that you may be attempting to reorder a check design that was discontinued in our last catalog release. Discontinued designs are listed below along with their design substitutions:

    1. Elegant Rose (Redesigned as Garden Rose)
    New codes WGR, WDGR, TGR
    2. Coastal Series (Redesigned as Waterfront)
    New codes WWF, WDWF, TWF
    3. Dalmatians (Redesigned as Puppy Love)
    New codes WPL, WDPL, TPL
    4. Kittens (Redesigned as Fluffy Felines)
    New codes WFF, WDFF, TFF
    5. Values (Discontinued; Converted to America the Beautiful)
    New codes WAB, WDAB, TAB
    6. Green Thumb (Discontinued; Converted to Ladybugs)
    New codes WLB, WDLB, TLB
    7. Spectrum (Discontinued; Converted to Prosperity)
    New codes WPR, WDPR, TPR
    8. Landmark (Discontinued; Converted to Waterfront)
    New codes WFF, WDFF, TFF
    9. Competition (Discontinued; Converted to Vintage)
    New codes WV, WDV, TV
    10. All Smiles (Discontinued; Converted to Vintage)
    New codes WV, WDV, TV
    11. Inspiration (Redesigned as Divine Inspiration)
    New codes WDI, WDDI, TDI
Several designs were redesigned, though product codes did not change. These include:
America the Beautiful, Flavors, Garden Rows, Precious Angels, Prosperity, Waterfront,

In addition, some designs are still available, though not in Top Stub:

Ladybugs TLB Converts to TV
Age of Innocence TAI Converts to TV
Puppy Love TPL Converts to TV
Horsing Around THA Converts to TV
Safari TSA Converts to TV
Checkered Flag TN Converts to TV
Fluffy Felines TFF Converts to TV
Prosperity TPR Converts to TV

Please feel free to select a new check design if you are dissatisfied with the product substitution selected for any particular product.

Why am I receiving an error message that I cannot place a re- order when I know I have reordered checks through my bank?

Errors may appear when a customer attempts to reorder for the following reasons:
    1. An order never was reordered via the bank Internet platform. An order may have been placed via phone, mail or fax, but an Internet record must exist to trigger a reorder.

    2. You may not have entered the correct information on the welcome screen. Please double check your routing number, account number, product code, and starting sequence number from your reorder form.

    3. The bank has elected to restrict Internet reorders on your particular product.
If you receive an error message, please contact your bank to place the reorder.  
What if my address has changed from my previous order?

This service only allows reorders with no personal information changes. If your personal information has changed, please contact your financial institution to place an order with the necessary changes.
Can I change my check design?

Yes. You may select a new personal design from our on-line drop down menu on the Check Reorder Form Screen, or directly from the on-line catalog link on the same page.  
How will I be charged for my checks?

Your checking account will be charged automatically through your financial institution for the amount shown on the screen.  
What if I receive free checks from my bank? Will I be charged if I reorder my checks on-line through this site?

If you are participating in a special bank program that we have been notified not to bill, you will not be charged if you are reordering the same design. If you are selecting a new design, you may want to check with your financial institution to see if you will be charged.

* If you receive a discount, your discount will be applied prior to final billing.
How long will it take to receive my check order?

Please allow 7-14 business days for standard deliver.

If you need them faster, you may select an expedited delivery option on the shipping address field before you place your check order. You may not, however, change the delivery address. If your checks are pre-printed with a post office box, you must call your financial institution to place your expedited order. Federal Express will not deliver to a post office box. Please note that there will be an additional charge if an expedited delivery method is selected.
What if I clicked “Accept” in error?

Notify your financial institution as soon as possible so that they may find the order.  
What if I lost my order confirmation number?

Please contact your financial institution to check on the status of your order.  

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