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Reorder Instructions
1. Click on the menu link " Reorder Checks " . This will take you to the Reorder Information page. 

2. Complete the Reorder Information Page by providing the Transit Number, Account Number, Product Code, and Sequence Number from your check reorder form. It is not necessary for you to provide your email address as it is used solely for the purpose of sending a notification message when your order ships. Once you complete this information, click the continue button and proceed to the Customer Order Page. Note: leading zeros may be ommitted from all numbers. Example, if your account number is 000000000012345678, just enter 12345678.  

3. At this point you can make any necessary changes for you reorder. Once you have completed the changes you can continue on to the Verification page. 

4. At this point verify that all the information on the Verification Page is correct. The shipping address that is displayed will be the address that will be the shipping destination for your order. If for any reason you wish to cancel the order, click the cancel button. If you wish to process the order, simply click on the finalize order button. You will now proceed to the Order Processed Page.

5. Your order is now complete. The order number that is displayed on this page will be required if you wish to view the status of your order or to get any information pertaining to your order in the event that there are any problems. We suggest that you print this page if you have access to a printer.

6. Now that you've completed your order, you can view the status of that order. To do this just click on the " Reorder Status " menu link. You will then be prompted for the order number that you printed or copied from the Completed Process Page. After entering the order number click the View Status button to see the status of your order.


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